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ADU Models

Hauser Construction is the company to contact for your ADU dreams. Do you have an elderly family member that needs care that you would like to have closer to you? Children that are priced out of the current Real estate market? Would you like an additional passive income? We can help you with the process of getting your new Unit developed and all of the requirements needed to make your dream a reality. We can provide design and drafting We will work with the planning department in your area to get the approval to build. Of course, the construction of the building is what we do best! If you are looking to save a few steps and purchase a Modular home… We can help with that too! 

3 Plans to Choose from

The Mini series is a unique ADU solution set. They’re the smallest ADU designs that are built to the building code. They are not “Tiny homes” built to the RV code. This means that they are permitted by the local city/county and are recognized as real living space by the city and your insurance company. They also add value to the property.

Our ADU’s are not motor vehicles that look like homes. We only provide solutions that are safe, affordable and built to the most difficult code, being local & state regulation! This series specifically targets the need for housing that fits the low and extremely low income limits in your city or town.

Backyard Office

Backyard Office provides solutions for limited living and storage space problems. You might be considering a home addition, converting current space such as a garage, bedroom, attic, basement, bonus room or even enclosing a carport in order to give you the extra space you need. Backyard Office provides the ultimate solution, as it provides not only more room, but private space only steps from your main home. If you need more room for a home office, an exercise room, craft space, art or music studio, man cave, diva den, photography studio, hobby room, writers den, meditation room, a play room or just a place to hang out and relax in your garden, Backyard Office is for you.

Backyard Office was the innovator creator of the highest quality structure of its kind. Pre-fabricated panels can be carried into or around tight spaces for fast assembly. Instead of converting your garage or transforming your carport or turning your spare bedroom or basement into your new, needed space, consider a new style of shed – from the originator of the Backyard Office concept. Imagine a quiet space for yourself or a space to send the kids to play.

Large 12x

Requiring a bit larger space -- for an art studio, large office, home gym, man cave or diva den or guest studio? Artists, whether professional or hobbyists, encompassing all aspects of art such as painting, photography, sewing or music usually desire a space they can “get messy” in and don’t have to worry about cleaning up and all have smells and or sounds which may be undesirable, at least at times, within the home itself. A Modern-Shed provides the ultimate solution. The clerestory windows bring in natural light craved by most artists. Our current customers rave about their Modern-Art Studio. Utilizing a Modern-Shed for personal space does not usurp the use of the family garage either. A Modern-Exercise room or gym can provide a workout space where you can blare music if you desire without bothering anyone else in the home. Modern-Sheds can be customized with higher ceilings or more insulation and as few or as many windows or doors as you want. Many cities allow an ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit) or small guest suite depending on the size of the building lot. The guest cottage can double as a home office, yoga studio, exercise space or other needed space. Turning the basement, carport or garage into a gym, guest room or home office can result in a damp-feeling room. The light, airy feel of a Modern-Shed will provide you and your guests with privacy, warmth and convenience, not to mention higher property value.